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In the 1990's, I was starting to work in the growing field of green building, and finding it difficult to access the information I needed to bring the concepts and ideas of sustainability into practice. After working on the Real Goods Solar Living Center, a pioneering straw bale project in Hopland, CA, I wrote Buildings of Earth and Straw to help building professionals avoid some of the hurdles I had faced.

It quickly became apparent that something bigger was needed to help building professionals make positive inroads for the sustainable building movement. With my wife, Sarah, we founded the Ecological Building Network in 1999 for the purpose of developing and promoting healthy, low-carbon building.

EBNet is an open group of engineers, builders, and architects developing and disseminating best technologies for the built environment. Whether you are building a straw bale house in Argentina, a low-income village with shipping containers in Shanghai, or a concrete office structure in Sacramento, we provide information that will help reduce the negative impacts of buildings on the environment, while preserving health and safety.

We have quite a track record of accomplishments, including books, international conferences and creation of the BuildWell Source, an online resource for sustainable building.

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