New Product Development

newproductNew products and materials often get introduced to the market by teams who understand their products very well, buthave never been on a job site, or understand the concerns of builders, architects, or engineers.

No building product exists in isolation

Even something so simple as an adobe brick is an assembly of subcomonents, which, in turn, gets installed within a greater assembly, which is part of a still larger assembly, and so on. The success of a new product depends on tailoring it to context as much as to supply chain, distribution, and manufacturing process.

I have worked on hundreds of job sites of every type all over the world, and consulted with developers, manufacturers and investors in green building materials. I've seen new products succeed spectacularly - and also seen others fail miserably. I can help you evaluate your new product and provide experience and perspective that may avoid common pitfalls and bolster its success.