Global Climate Action Summit

HOW MANY TIMES can you say and hear "carbon" in a conversation before your brain melts?  We're here at the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco, and will soon find out.Against the backdrop of the biggest hurricane in recent times sauntering up to Carolina's doorstep, and forest fires still burning and smoking up and down the Pacific coast, we feel a visceral gravity to the many conversations we're having with fellow scientists, rabble rousers, engineers and poets.

The actual Summit is for VIPs, but us scrappy activists are banging around town like crazy going to the dozens of satellite events.Alternately somber at the grim magnitude of this calamity, and joyful at the possibility that we homo sapiens will pull some mythic magic rabbit out of our hat and turn this thing around to a resplendent future.Hold that thought, as I do here with Ed Mazria, Stacey Smedley, Ann Edminster, Kirsten Ritchie, Kate Simonen, and some guy who dropped by recently to talk about alternative building.

A warning about straw bale building
Green building’s dark secret—and new allure


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Saturday, 15 May 2021

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