A warning about straw bale building

STRAW BALE CONSTRUCTION, that quirky American invention from a century ago, has now spread all over the world, and is unfolding into an array of fire-resistant, climate-healing building solutions.
. . . and its great revival began 30 years ago, sparked by just a handful of innovative pioneers. Most of them gathered in the mountains south of Tucson last night for a lovely summer evening of homemade tequila and pizza---and laughing until our mouths hurt. The soft delight of old friends, all against the somber backdrop of life near the border, with road checks and border patrol everywhere, and massive penalties should you so much as offer a bottle of water to an undocumented immigrant in this 100 degree heat.  A word of warning to anyone out there contemplating straw bale:  beware.  It's a Trojan Horse, a secret entry portal disguised as a cool building system.  Once you enter, you'll very likely be stuck for a lifetime in the company of happy, awake people who have figured out that a life of service is about as much fun as a human being can ever manage.  We warned you!

New Carbon Architecture on the Road
Global Climate Action Summit


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Saturday, 15 May 2021

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