Soft launch in early 2012

A partnership between Bruce King, Ann Edminster and Diego Fonstad is launching HouseTalk to be the online hub of residential green building. HouseTalk connects homeowners, builders, design professionals and students with the experience and expertise of green building’s leaders and pioneers — and with each other.

We make it easy for consumers and building professionals to make informed, truly green purchases by enabling them to access the information they need.

We are also the place to have an easy and prestigious web presence that interconnects the user’s experiences and offerings with those of peers.

A complement to sites that provide valuable information about what’s green, HouseTalk fills an industry void by helping our site users find the best products and services for their needs, in addition to making them visible to the green building community.

HouseTalk showcases the experiences of key green building leaders, as well as green home projects. Users can search based on individuals, projects or building and product categories. Users can also post their own experiences with specific products and services, using a Yelp-like review and rating template.

HouseTalk is proudly working with leading green building content providers, such as BuildingGreen, Building Science Corporation, Green Building Advisor, Healthy Building Network and others of similar caliber to complement the user reviews and experiences on the HouseTalk web site with credible, researched articles. Content providers are clearly identified, and users are linked back to the source web sites if they are interested in learning more. Some of our valued friends and content providers are: