Ecological Building Network

Some work can only be done in the non-profit realm, so I started Ecological Building Network (EBNet, a 501(c)3) in 1998.

EBNet finds and disseminates ways to make intelligent use of local, natural and abundant waste materials in construction, and to thereby take some load off of the living world upon which we depend.

In the poorer nations, where much of the world’s population lives in unsafe, unsanitary structures, labor is plentiful, but modern materials such as lumber, cement and steel are rare and expensive. EBNet points out ways to use affordable and catalytic touches of modern technology that make indigenous building systems safer, healthier and more durable. Doing more with less is the key to working with, and not against, the natural world that supports us.

EBNet brings useful knowledge about better ways to build to the people worldwide who design and construct buildings.


New ideas to help anyone, anywhere build safe, affordable housing

EBNet’s proposal to rebuild Haiti with Haitian people and Haitian resources — rather than imported prefabrications — won the international BBBC Housing Competition in 2010

Conferences that bring together the world’s experts. EBNet has sponsored two international conferences that continue to resonate in the international ecological building community
Paul Hawken keynoted EBNet’s BuildWell 2010 Symposium near San Francisco, an unprecedented gathering of inventors, investors, builders, architects, engineers, entrepreneurs and policy makers.

Research that advances ecological design and construction
With funding from the State of California, EBNet conducted a massive testing program that advanced straw bale construction into the mainstream worlwide.

Better standards to leverage worldwide acceptance of natural building materials
With funding from hundreds of supporters, EBNet completed a worlwide standard for earthen construction published by ASTM International. In addition, EBNet has submitted a new ASTM standard for agricultural resources in construction.