Let me engage your project early to save you money and trouble

Alternative building with confidence

Put 20 years of experience with alternative, mainstream and innovative new building systems to work for you.

The right material choices

Choose the right materials that will do what you want them to within your building.

Optimize your building system

Salesmen sell you widgets.  I can help you reduce costs and improve performance by considering the whole building as a system.

Structural engineering

I have fought permit battles for alternative systems many times, and I can carry your project through, or simply advise you — or your local engineer — at the outset about what you can expect in trying to “get it permitted”.

New product development

No building product exists in isolation, and the success of a new product depends on tailoring it to context as much as supply chain, distribution and manufacturing process. Let me help you evaluate your new product and provide experience and perspective that may avoid common pitfalls and bolster its success.









Partial client list

Van der Ryn Architects

Clarum Homes
Zero Energy Homes / Borrego Springs

Siegel & Strain Architects

HKS / Hill Glazier Architects

Leger Wanaselja Architects

Tiare O Huahine Beach Resort / coconut logs in Polynesia
Dharma Sangha Center / fir logs in the Rocky Mountains